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Welcome to SEK Budapest International School

Gabi_smallA warm welcome to SEK Budapest International School.

Choosing the best education for your child is one of the most important decisions that parents have to make in their life. I am convinced that our quality education offered in an international community, with a personalised approach is the best choice for all of you who would like to assure the success of your children in the future.

Beside emphasising academic excellence, our experienced international staff and educational support team ensure that students not only develop their academic skills but also learn to respect values and are keen to express their creativity in many different ways. We lead our students through a highly demanding curriculum and give them the opportunity to become leaders in their future profession by entering into the best universities in Hungary and abroad.

If you want to know the key to our success, come and visit our school. I look forward to meeting you.

Gabriella Gidró

Head Teacher



Open Day Timetable
5 November, 2015


    Cultural/Sporting InterSEK – Costa Rica

    This year each delegation must bring in the pen drive the UN Flag and Anthem of Sun Country . For the inaugural parade, A pair of students must Carry UN brought a typical allusive your country or city. In addition, each delegation will have a thematic corner That may be decorated with posters , PHOTOGRAPHS , souvenirs and other. Addition, each country will have a thematic corner, for which they must bring material like photographs , souvenirs , etc

    For more information, place contact the Director of International Programs at the school.

    Visit Website InterSEK 2015