IB students preparing lab reports in ESS

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The students of the Environmental Systems and Societies subject visited Lake Naplás in order to accomplish an experiment as part of their obligatory work in the IB Diploma Programme. The lake is located close to a forest. Firstly, after the students were divided into groups, the team marched into the forest and laid down quadrats. Quadrats were marked with wooden sticks in a 1 meter X 1 meter area. The students needed to measure the biodiversity of the marked areas by naming the various types of plants –including flowers and fungi. An official guide to identify plants and animals were handed to the pupils. After around 30-40 minutes of observation and searching all the groups had data about the areas. The species of plants were written into a notebook and after boxes of soil samples were taken from all the quadrats the group continued the experiment on a meadow closer to the lake. The same process was repeated but the biodiversity was notably greater and a more precise and challenging observation was required. Before heading back to the school, two final quadrats were laid on the ground approximately 5 meters away from a small tunnel which received its water from the lake. Here, the difference between the soil samples was more notably viewable. The sample was wet and its colour was also darker compared to the subjects of the previous measurements. Finally with all the samples taken from three distinct environments the students headed back to school. The experiment was not ready as the bus departed from Lake Naplás- further measuring will be required from the pupils. During the field trip the students were able to spend a day in one of the beautiful natural areas of Hungary moreover they accomplished a challenging task that further strengthened their knowledge about the field of environmental studies. Furthermore they increased the number of required field work they need to accomplish throughout the two years of the IB Diploma Programme.

by: Pivarnyik Krisztián,12 IB