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InterSEK Cultural and Sports Events

What is InterSEK?

InterSEK is a core part of our Institution, a program that has become a true tradition and is organized every year, alternating between sports and cultural InterSEK.

Every year, students from SEK and IES schools join for a week of cultural or sports activities. The event takes place in one of the countries where exists a SEK/IES school. In 2018 a cultural week take place at SEK Budapest International School, Hungary

The main goal of the InterSEK is to enrich our students` physical and social development as well as strengthen cultural bonds and friendship, an valuable lesson that works together with everything they learn inside school to create well rounded citizens of the world out of our students. This InterSEK is an unforgettable and vital experience that all participants will take through all their lives.

SEK Green Week – Costa Rica

Did you know about SEK Green Week in Costa Rica? It’s amazing!

SEK Green Week is a program organized every year.

* You can visit protected & recreational areas of the Northern Zone, the Caribbean and the Pacific of the beautiful Costa Rica
* The program is aimed at SEK/IES students from 7th grade onward.
* The date is: February 27th to March 3rd 2017.
* During the tours the students, besides being accompanied by staff of SEK Institution shall be assisted by bilingual Costa Rican environmental educators and a paramedic.

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SEK Green Week 2017

Boca Prep International School

The SEK Institution believes internationalism and cultural exchanges to be one of the pillars of an outstanding modern education. This is why, our students at SEK Budapest International School have the chance to visit our sister schools, such as Boca Prep International Schoo, as part of exchange programs.

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Previous Years

Visitors at SEK Budapest International School

February 2017: Grantham Preparatory International School Visits SEK Budapest

We had the privilege to host a group of Grade 5 and Grade 6 students from Grantham Preparatory.

Throughout the week and during school time the students had the chance to attend some of our classes, interactive math lessons and fun language classes, which gave them an idea of the SEK Budapest spirit!

This trip attests to the true spirit of our Institution, the values of coexistence, intercultural bonds, and internationalism. I am sure that this will be an educational experience our students will cherish.

We can’t wait to see you again Grantham Prep friends!