School History

A hundred year old past José de Olivarietta y López founded the first school of the group in Madrid in1892.On the 30th of September he requested official recognition from the Central University of Madrid.

Andrés Chiclana succeeded professor Olivarietta in administering the school. At that time the school was in the Atocha street up to 1935,when Felipe Segovia Martínez obtained the position of principal.The school was known as San Estanislao, and had fifty students and twelwe teachers.

During the civil war the name was changed to Numanciara.Despite the tragic situation in the country the school stayed opened.

After the war in 1939 an unforgettable couple, professor Segovia Martínez and his wife Carmen Olmo, gave a boost to the expansion of the school.New buildings were added to the old one in the center of Madrid. They also opened a college in Arturo Soria street. As a result the number of students rose to over one thousand five hundred with eighty teachers in the 50s.

In 1960 the administration was taken over by a group of young teachers,who contributed to the school’s development with their new ideas.By this time the school was known as San Estanislao de Kostka.They started the expansion of the Arturo Soria central building, and opened two new centres on the outskirts of the city. In 1982 Jorge Segovia Bonet became the principal of the school and he is also presently the director of the institute. He is the one who started to transform the institute into an international school, which has been referred to as SEK since then. A dream became reality by opening new centres in various cities of the world.

In 1982 SEK International School was founded in Santiago, Chile. In 1984 the SEK international School in Quito, Equador came into operation. This letter received the honour of being declared an experimental center. In 1986 another school was opened in Panama, and in Quayaquil, Equador. The schools in Asunción, Paraguay and in San José, Costa Rica started in 1988.

The SEK International Institute, the independent managing and administrative organization was founded in 1989. It directs all the schools on the American continent thus contributing to a more effective and dynamic internal development.

On the other hand further center were opened: the SEK International School in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1991. In 1992 the expansion continued in Europe. SEK England International School started in Berkshire. After this, SEK took over the direction of Eirís International School in Coruna, Spain and the Levante International School in Valencia in 1994. In 1996 “Las Americas” SEK International School in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)was inaugurated. In September 1997 SEK International School in Budapest, Hungary was inaugurated.

SEK International Institute does not expand only geographically or in the number of its students but also in the number of certificates or diplomas that our students can obtain.

In 1985 new operations began as a result of which the SEK International university of Chile was inaugurated.

In 1993 the International Congress in Equador voted for the foundation of the SEK International university in Equador. Finally in 1997, the Administrative body of Castilla-León decided to found the SEK University in Spain. The universities, as institutes of higher education, crown the development of the SEK Institute and give new possibilities for the oncoming decades. Already we have new goals: we want to ensure an outstanding institute for the students, the parents and the teachers, which provides the future adults with an excellent education both scientifically and humanly.