Our offer

SEK Approach to Education

By choosing SEK our parents and students choose the specific approach to education that includes uniforms, diaries, a tutorial system, etc. The SEK uniform is an integral part of our educational system. Through the uniform, from an early age your child can identify with the school, respect it and like it. The SEK Diary, as a way of communication with parents, is used by our teachers, the tutor and/or the subject teachers. At the same time it is an easy way for you to share with the tutor any specific information about your child that can affect his/her daily routine. The SEK Report Card is another way to keep you informed about the monthly progress of your child in different aspects of a school life.

The school also offers a whole variety of services that can help you organize your and your child’s daily routine easily and cover all the special needs that your child might have. Our offer includes two meals daily (three meals in preschool) with the possibility of a special diet, a school bus upon request, afterschool activities, field trips, a variety of programs and events like festivals, family days, competitions, complete school material, etc. SEK Budapest International School also offers a variety of after-school activities such as sports, art, music, languages, dance, etc.