Our school was founded in 1997 as a part of SEK- International Education Systems, an institution with more than a hundred years of experience in education. Today there are 20 schools and 2 universities on three continents where the students share the same goal – to educate modern citizens with a pro-active approach towards learning.

We strongly believe that education is the best way to ensure that our children are capable of adapting to the challenging world that surrounds us. With the integral, multi-disciplinary and personalized education the future life becomes an opportunity to progress.

Around 200 students aged 3 to 18, coming from 15 different nations, are currently enrolled in our school. The teaching staff in charge of the students is made up of friendly, highly trained international and Hungarian educators. We also provide educational assistance (special teachers – psychologist and speech therapist).

Our teachers follow the school philosophy based on the mixture of content-based education and the acquisition of skills and concepts. This enables our students to engage in lifelong learning, but at the same time gives them the factual knowledge necessary for further education.