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tata_csapatA 10. osztály ezúttal Tatára látogatott el a helyi múzeum és vár középkori gyűjteményének, mint történeti forrásnak feldolgozása céljából. A helyi céhekkel és bútorokkal kapcsolatos tárgyi kultúra megismerése... read more

Euroscola competition

14_DSCF3349 The Euroscola Program was announced by the European Parliament for young Europeans who shared their view points and continued a dialogue about the European Union’s... read more

3rd grade field trip to the stars

ies-emblema After that they watched the performance titled ’Space adventures’. During the performance, students followed the travels of a boy and an imaginary creature through space... read more

Spanish Day Celebration

14_spanyol This year it was very dynamic. Our 3rd and 4th grade students played ‘dynkhana’ and finished all seven tasks in 40 minutes, successfully answering all... read more

Noé Animal Shelter


In an all-day school program NOÉ Animal Shelter Foundation familiarized the students with the basics of responsible pet ownership and basic pet... read more

Spring Open Day

After the Head Teacher’s welcoming address, visitors were able to observe any lesson which they were curious about. Most were interested in our preschool... read more